Announcing Flumes Summer 2017 & an Ekphrastic Challenge

An online literary journal based in the Yuba-Sutter counties, Flumes publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for adults, young adults and children, as well as scripts, visual art and photography.

Summer 2017 Issue

In addition to a range of literary and visual pieces by new, emerging and established artists and writers, our Summer 2017 issue also features interviews with award-winning novelist, Dorothy Allison, and up-and-coming poet, Jassi K. Bassi. To read all issues of Flumes, visit:

Ekphrastic Challenge

Looking for summer inspiration? Beginning June 1, Flumes is offering a free creative challenge based in the literary tradition known as ekphrasis. Loosely defined, ekphrasis is when writers respond to a visual image in poetry or prose. Throughout the summer of 2017, Flumes would like to participate in this tradition of art conversing with art. In addition to literary art, we want to open this challenge up to visual art. We welcome all writers, poets, and artists alike. Our challenge to you is to flip through any of our past issues, take the piece of your choice, whether it be visual or literary, and respond with art of your own. Flumes will choose the top three in each category, visual and literary, and will publish them in our Winter 2017 issue. 

For details on submitting, see the categories below.

Ends on August 15, 2017

For visual submissions

Everything must be uploaded in .jpg format. We prefer the resolution to be approximately 300. This goes for color or black and white photos in addition to artwork. We will need to know the name of your piece and a bit of the story behind your inspiration, along with the title and artist or author of the piece you to which you are responding. 

For the literary submissions

Everything must be uploaded as a .pdf file. Stories must be no more than 3,000 words and double spaced. If it is a script, it needs to be one act or short enough to be performed in no more than 10 minutes. Poems should be single spaced and left aligned, unless it is a shaped poem. We prefer legible fonts, such as 12 point Times New Roman. As with the visual art, we need the title of your piece and the title and author/artist behind the piece that inspired you, along with a short description of your inspiration.


Only blind submissions will be read/viewed. If your name appears anywhere in or on your piece, beginning, middle, or end, your work will not be considered. 

Have fun, and we will see you in the fall!